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Customer Notification - Revised Effective Date of change to select ILP Sub-Funds

We refer to our letter dated 5 May 2016 informing you of changes which will apply to you if you are invested in any of the ILP Sub-Funds listed below (the "Letter").

Please note that the effective date of change of the changes as were detailed in Appendix A of our Letter is now 20 June 2016 instead of 20 May 2016 (as stated in our Letter). This is because the board of directors of HSBC Global Investment Funds ("HGIF") has decided to postpone the implementation of the changes scheduled in order to ensure that all shareholders have been treated fairly and equally with sufficient prior notice given to each shareholder. As was mentioned in our Letter, these changes are applicable to the following sub-funds of the HSBC Global Investment Funds ("HGIF") (the "HGIF Underlying Sub-Funds") which the corresponding ILP Sub-Funds invest into.

Name of ILP Sub-Fund Name of HGIF Underlying Sub-Fund Effective Date of Change Revised Effective Date of Change
HSBC Insurance Chinese Equity Fund HGIF - Chinese Equity 20 May 2016 20 June 2016
HSBC Insurance Global Equity Volatility Focused Fund HGIF - Global Equity Volatility Focused
HSBC Insurance Asia Focused Income Fund HGIF - Managed Solutions - Asia Focused Income
HSBC Insurance Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund HGIF - Global Emerging Markets Bond
HSBC Insurance Global High Income Bond Fund HGIF - Global High Income Bond

You may refer the changes to the relevant HGIF Underlying Sub-Fund in the following web page Alternatively, you may contact our customer service hotline at (65) 6225 6111 or email us at for a copy of the letter dated 5 May 2016.

Please note that the letter sent out is for your information only. No action is required from you if you wish to stay invested in any of the above ILP Sub-Funds. However, if you wish to review your investment holdings under your Investment-Linked Policy, please speak to your Financial Consultant.

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