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Our comprehensive suite of solutions

Whether you're looking for your protection or wealth needs to be met, our range of solutions can support you in achieving financial freedom at every stage of life.

Life and critical illness

Term insurance with a flexible policy term that covers you against death or terminal illness so your loved ones will be taken care of.
Critical illness insurance that offers your loved ones high coverage at low cost, on flexible payment terms.
Critical illness insurance that focuses on men's health conditions and benefits to help you on the road to recovery.
Critical illness insurance that focuses on women's health conditions and benefits to help you on the road to recovery.
Cancer insurance that is designed to protect cancer survivors by covering recurrent or newly diagnosed cancers.
A bundled prenatal plan that protects both the expectant mother and newborn, and can be paired with an investment-linked or whole life plan.
An enhanced prenatal plan for the expectant mother, newborn and whole family, that can be paired with an investment-linked or whole life, endowment or term plan.
Customisable whole life insurance plan that lets you multiply your sum assured and enhance your critical illness coverage.
A term life insurance plan that lets you choose affordable terms based on your family needs.
Flexible insurance that offers affordable coverage and returns you the surrender value when the policy is no longer needed.
Life insurance that offers you flexible premium options and non-guaranteed bonuses to your life cover for a financial safety net.
Life insurance that gives you both coverage flexibility and protection cover up to age 99.


An integrated shield plan that offers medical reimbursement and a wide range of benefits for your everyday healthcare needs, throughout recovery.
Affordable protection that complements your existing medical insurance so you can focus on your recovery instead of worrying about cost.
Flexible health insurance that can be tailored to your budget without compromising on medical coverage for you and your loved ones.
Medical insurance that provides high cover limits and added choices for comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services.
Comprehensive worldwide medical insurance that gives you access to worldwide private medical care.
International health insurance that offers you and your family optimal medical coverage wherever you may be, in Singapore or abroad.

Savings and investments

An investment-linked insurance plan that protects you while giving you the flexibility to diversify and boost your wealth through a choice of over 80 world-class funds.
An investment-linked policy that invests 100% of your regular premiums into units to help you grow your money.
An investment-linked policy that gives your family lifetime protection, and the flexibility to customise your plan to fit your needs and budget.
An investment-linked plan that offers you 3 bonuses over your policy term and the flexibility to make partial withdrawals.
An investment-linked plan that offers you a high start-up bonus, loyalty bonus for long-term investment and unique fund offerings.
HSBC Life Wealth Invest (Cash/SRS) or HSBC Life Wealth Invest (CPF) offers you a wide range of managed funds by established fund managers to choose from.
A flexible endowment insurance plan that allows you to potentially grow your wealth for yourself, your children and theirs.
An endowment insurance plan that protects your savings with a flexible premium payment term that fits your financial situation.
A retirement plan that lets you tailor your retirement with regular income in your golden years and receive additional income in the event of the unexpected.
An affordable short-term endowment plan that protects you and your loved ones, which you can apply for online easily.
A limited-premium investment-linked plan that offers you and your loved ones lifelong protection while you invest and grow your wealth.

Legacy planning

A jumbo whole life plan that is designed to fulfill your estate, legacy and wealth accumulation needs, while offering flexible premium options.
A whole life plan that caters to your protection and wealth planning needs, even at a lower premium entry point.
A life insurance solution designed for clients or business owners seeking life protection, potential wealth accumulation and the preservation of their assets.
A whole life plan that provides regular income, enabling you and your loved ones to accumulate wealth with financial stability, leaving a lasting legacy for many generations to come.
A single premium whole life plan that offers high protection coverage, preserving wealth and growing your legacy to meet your loved ones' future needs.

Employee health and benefits

A customisable and flexible employee benefit plan that provides protection coverage, including wellness services.
A robust health benefit plan that provides your employees with comprehensive health protection and holistic wellness services.
A health benefit plan that gives your employees access to medical care and treatment in their hospital of choice, anywhere in the world.
A comprehensive plan that gives your employees access to medical care and treatment worldwide, including financial protection against death, total and permanent disability, and terminal illness.


A personal accident plan that provides protection against death or permanent disability, and can be customised to suit your needs.
Personal accident insurance that covers medical and treatment expenses, with discounts offered for family members covered under the same policy.