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Life and critical illness

We can help you protect yourself and your family against the unexpected with our range of solutions.

A holistic critical illness insurance plan that offers you multiple payouts and puts your well-being in your hands.

Life and critical illness products

We've got you covered, no matter if you're worried about certain health risks or you want to ensure that your loved ones are protected in the event something happens to you.
A term life insurance plan that offers the flexibility to choose payment and policy terms, and covers you against death or terminal illness so your loved ones will be taken care of.
An insurance plan that covers cancer and is designed to protect cancer survivors by covering recurrent or newly diagnosed cancers.
A bundled prenatal plan that can be paired with an investment-linked plan or a whole life plan to protect both the expectant mother and newborn.
A customisable whole life insurance plan that offers you the option to multiply your sum assured and enhance your critical illness coverage.
An affordable term life insurance plan that lets you choose the terms you want, based on your family's needs.
A whole life insurance plan that offers you flexible premium options, and gives you and your family a financial safety net in times of need.

Help and support

Find out how to contact us if you have questions about our insurance products, or need help with your policy.
Learn about the process of filing a claim, where to find the forms you need, and how to contact us if you need assistance.
Find out ways to pay your insurance premiums, easily and conveniently.
Find out how to get in touch with us.