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We can help you make the most of your money, and safeguard you at the same time.

A regular premium investment-linked plan that allows you to optimise the growth of your wealth over the medium to long-term.
An investment-linked plan that protects you and gives you the flexibility to diversify your portfolio through close to 70 world-class funds to boost your wealth.
An investment-linked plan that invests 100% of your regular premiums and further grows your wealth with bonuses.

Investment products

We've got you covered, no matter if you're looking for more flexibility or bonuses in your investment-linked insurance plan.
A limited-premium investment-linked plan that offers lifelong protection, welcome and loyalty bonuses, flexible withdrawal options and a range of funds to choose from.
An investment-linked plan that offers a wide choice of funds managed by established fund managers, flexible payment options, and life cover[@invest-death].
An investment-linked plan that offers you 3 bonuses over your policy term and the flexibility to cater to your financial goals.
An investment-linked plan that gives your family lifetime protection, and the flexibility to customise your plan to fit your family's needs and budget.

Help and support

Find out how to contact us if you have questions about our insurance products, or need help with your policy.
Learn about the process of filing a claim, where to find the forms you need, and how to contact us if you need assistance.
Find out ways to pay your insurance premiums, easily and conveniently.
Find out how to get in touch with us.