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Sapphire Prestige Income

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Insurance product of the year 2020

We are pleased to be awarded the Winner of the Insurance Asia Award 2020 – New Insurance Product of the Year for HSBC Life Variable Annuity.

A mother is using computer with a kid; image used for HSBC Singapore Insurance Protection.

A range of plans to protect you and your family.


Secure your commitments to your loved ones.

The man is looking at the fund price on the phone; image used for HSBC Singapore Insurance Investment.

Investing with assurance.

A father and son giving each other a high five on meadow; image used for HSBC Singapore Insurance Legacy.

Protecting your promise so that your wealth can last for generations.

Health and wellbeing

HSBC Life +Factor Study on health and wellbeing

What is the relationship between your physical health, mental wellbeing and financial fitness? The HSBC Life +Factor Study looks at how they're connected.

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