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Make a payment

Multiple options to choose from

Convenient options to pay your insurance premiums.


Inter-bank Giro

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  • You may set up a Giro arrangement to make payment for your regular premium policies in Singapore dollars by submitting a hardcopy form.
  • Download and submit the hard copy Inter-Bank Giro Form. Please pay 2 months of advance premium together with the form submission as the estimated processing time can be up to 6 weeks.

HSBC Personal Internet Banking

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  • You may make payment via HSBC Personal Internet Banking
  • Login to your HSBC iBanking and select "Pay and Transfer" > "Pay a Biller".
  • Select HSBC Life (Singapore) as the Biller name. 
  • Input the Policy Number as the Bill reference number.

SingPost Self-Automated Machine (SAM)

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  • You may make payment at any SAM station. 
  • Select "Pay Bills" > "Insurance" > "HSBC" 
  • Select Payment Type (Premium Payment or Automatic Premium Loan)
  • Input the Policy Number or the NRIC number of the Policyowner and the exact amount for payment.


You may make payment in Singapore dollars via PayNow.

Our UEN: 199903512M001

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Under Bill Reference No/ Reference, input as follows: < PN (Your 8-digit policy number)>

If making a 3rd party/ joint account payment, please indicate < PN (8-digit policy number)> <space>< HP (Policyholder's  8-digit registered mobile number with us)>.

Only payments from immediate family members (i.e. spouse, parents, children, siblings) are allowed and further details may be requested for.


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  • You may issue a cheque payable to "HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.".
  • Kindly indicate your policy number, contact number and description of payment (e.g. Premium, APL) at the back of the cheque.
  • Cheques can be mailed to Robinson Road Post Office P.O. Box 1538 Singapore 903038.
  • If you are using a third party cheque, please indicate the relationship with the Policyowner and submit a copy of the third party's NRIC. (Only cheques from immediate family members i.e. spouse, siblings, parents, children are allowed).

Credit Card

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  • From 1 January 2021, we will be discontinuing credit card payment as an option to pay subsequent premiums for all policies.
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