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HSBC Life Diamond Prestige IUL

An indexed universal life plan that offers a versatile blend of life insurance and intelligent investment, empowering you to build a chain of lasting wealth for generations.

Build a chain of lasting wealth

Wealth can be a timeless chain that connects generations allowing them to propel forward in life. HSBC Life Diamond Prestige IUL is designed to help you accumulate and preserve your wealth for future generations, putting you in control of growing and securing your legacy while providing you with life protection. 

Key benefits

Whole life coverage

A lifelong protection for death and terminal illness[@diamond-terminal-illness] to protect your wealth, manage business cash flow and leave a financial inheritance for future generations.

Growth potential with downside protection

Seize upside opportunities from the international equity market and the downside protection with 0% crediting floor rate of your Index Account.

Lifestyle benefit for improved health conditions

Enjoy 1% discount on your insurance charges for 10 years upon achieving improved health conditions[@diamond-lifestyle].

Additional benefits

  • Take control of your policy
    When it comes to growing your policy value, you're in control. You can allocate funds between the General Account and Index Account, to suit your risk appetite as you prefer.
  • Flexible premium term
    After paying the minimum initial premium, the flexibility is yours to choose paying the remaining premiums over a preferred period or in one lump sum[@diamond-flexible-premium].
  • Quit smoking incentive
    Enjoy lower non-smoker charges for the first 3 policy years[@diamond-smoker].
  • Change of life insured
    You can transfer the policy up to 2 times, to your loved ones without the need for them to purchase a new one. Corporate-owned policies enjoy unlimited changes of life insured[@diamond-change].
  • No-lapse Guarantee benefit
    Enjoy the security of knowing that the specified sum insured is guaranteed until the death of the life insured or for 5 years, whichever is earlier with no-lapse guarantee benefit[@diamond-no-lapse].
  • Guaranteed minimum surrender value

    Your policy value will earn an interest of 2% per annum when you make a full surrender regardless of the performance of your General Account and Index Account[@diamond-surrender].

  • Loyalty bonus
    Get extra value with a loyalty bonus[@diamond-loyalty-bonus] of 0.35% crediting rate in addition to the rate declared for your General Account and Index Account from policy year 11 onwards.

Are you eligible?

The entry age[@age-last] is 18 to 80 years old, for the life insured. 

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    HSBC Life Diamond Prestige IUL is underwritten by HSBC Life (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Reg. No.199903512M).

    This webpage contains only general information and does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation and the particular needs of any specific person. This is not a contract of insurance and is not intended as an offer or recommendation to buy the product. A copy of the product summary may be obtained from our authorised product distributors. You should read the product summary before deciding whether to purchase the product. You may wish to seek advice from a Financial Planner before making a commitment to purchase the product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a Financial Planner, you should consider whether the product in question is suitable for you. Please refer to the general provisions for the exact terms and conditions, specific details and exclusion of this product. Investments in this plan are subject to investment risks including the possible loss of principal amount invested. The value of the units may rise as well as fall. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually incurs high cost and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. It is also detrimental to replace an existing life insurance policy with a new one as the new policy may cost more or have fewer benefits at the same cost.

    This policy is protected under the Policy Owners Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the Life Insurance Association Singapore (LIA) or Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) websites: or

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