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HSBC Life Shield panel and Letter of Guarantee

Access carefully selected healthcare providers, and learn more about how a Letter of Guarantee can help you.

Get more peace of mind with our panel

We offer a General Practitioners panel, Specialist panel, Dental panel and Physiotherapist panel. If you’re due for hospitalisation or surgery, we can issue you a Letter of Guarantee in advance. This way, you can focus more on your recovery. We select our wide range of panel providers based on their years of experience and ability to provide quality healthcare at a reasonable cost.

The selection of our panel are based on:

  • Financial quality – reasonable pricing per national fee benchmarks and complexity of the procedure performed
  • Service quality – good track record of service with no serious disciplinary issue or complaints from patients
  • Clinical quality – no severe lapse or compromise in clinical standards, as required by the medical professional board

Letter of Guarantee (LOG) key highlights

For panel specialists

Up to SGD1 million for Plan A; SGD550,000 for Plan B; or SGD150,000 for Standard plan, subject to pre-authorisation of your medical condition.

For non-panel specialists

Up to SGD50,000, subject to pre-authorisation of your medical condition; or up to SGD100,000, subject to preauthorisation of your medical condition and per Ministry of Health (MOH) fee benchmarks.

For public hospitals and specialist centres

Up to SGD120,000 waiver of deposit at public hospitals and public specialist centres – please note that this is not a guaranteed LOG.

Summary of services

  • General Practitioners (GP) panel
    Pay a consultation fee of SGD10 per visit[@life-shield-value-added] at over 300 GP clinics in Singapore; please note that a rate surcharge of SGD35 per visit applies at 24/7 clinics between 12:00am and 8:29am.
  • Specialist and extended panel
    Pay a first standard consultation fee of SGD100 per visit[@life-shield-value-added] and follow-up standard consultation fee of SGD70 per visit unless otherwise indicated at over 700 specialist clinics in Singapore.
  • Physiotherapy and dental panel
    Pay SGD130 for your first physiotherapy session and SGD110 per visit[@life-shield-value-added] for follow-up sessions; and a dental consultation fee[@life-shield-value-added] of SGD15 at over 150 dental clinics in Singapore.
  • 24/7 HSBC Life Shield LOG hotline
    Call us on 6342 5292 to make an appointment to see our panel specialists, and to arrange for pre-authorisation with both panel and non-panel specialists to determine if an LOG may be issued.

A quick guide to our panel and LOG service

Here's how we'll support you from pre-hospitalisation to post-hospitalisation under your HSBC Life Shield policy.

Step 1: visit a General Practitioner

You can present your HSBC Life Shield e-card to make your visit smoother. If the General Practitioner needs to refer you to a specialist for further treatment, please ask them to refer you to a specialist on our panel. This way, you can continue to enjoy the discounted consultation rate.

Step 2: visit a specialist and ask for an LOG

You can present your HSBC Life Shield e-card to enjoy a discounted rate on your consultation.


If you need hospitalisation or day surgery, you can call our LOG hotline at any time on 6342 5292. For elective surgery or hospitalisation, please give us at least 3 days' advance notice so we can assess your request for an LOG. The LOG is subject to assessment and approval by HSBC Life.

Step 3: get admitted and discharged without hassle

You'll receive the pre-authorised LOG within 3 working days. We'll take care of your medical bill so you can focus on your recovery right away.

How does HSBC Life Shield work?

Mary is a 43-year old Singapore citizen who suffers from multiple fibroid (abdominal pain). She opts for HSBC Life Shield Plan A, and adds on the HSBC Life Enhanced Care rider for more comprehensive medical coverage.

Open the accordions to see how we'll support her at every stage of her healthcare needs.

Transparency indicators

Open the accordions to learn more about the pre-authorisation turnaround time and drivers of premium.


HSBC Life Shield is a plan payable by MediSave, subject to MediSave withdrawal limits. For details, please refer to the Ministry of Health website.
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